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Monday, February 22, 2010

 More Than A Ride: Mom VS Autism

It has been a long and stressful day. For Marvelous Monday  I decided that it would be great to take my boys to the MOA.  Everything was going peachy, until my boys got off of Diego's Rescue rider. At a blink of an eye,toothpick changed with an instant look followed by horrid crying. If you know someone who has ASD, you know what I mean by the look. I could have used Diego to come to my rescue.  As I looked at the hammer to see if he did anything to him (because you know how brothers are), he gave me the puzzled look back. By this time, toothpick was on a roll, literally, on the ground screaming. As I picked him up, I could feel the stares.

When people notice something different, they react in one or two ways. The first group gives the constipation look and says, " Boy, it seems like you got your hands full!" Hands, I'm thinking. Yeah, my hands, feet, and whatever else can move (I'm not including my brain at this moment). If I spoke and told them that I home schooled, they probably treat me like the leper in the bible

The second group stares, and then says, "he's seems fine." This is the reaction I get when I try to explain toothpick having ASD. It can be frustrating irritating on so many levels. I know that on the spectrum of Autism, toothpick is bordering severe.  So I take a deep breath in, and think..."really, what do you consider fine?" I sat there on the floor with him screaming, while the hammer quietly sat (like the others) as I tried to calm him down. THANK THE LORD my husband was with me today. He was somewhere else in the mall, and missed out when autism decided to speak (but I'm quite sure he heard, once he was 100 feet from me) After a half hour, we finally got him to cool down. I pray tomorrow can be "Terrific" Tuesday.

Watch for the Red Flags of Autism (The following red flags may indicate a child is at risk for atypical development, and is in need of an immediate evaluation.)




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2 comments: on "More Than A Ride: Mom VS Autism"

mother plus teacher said...

aww hun, I'm sorry you had a rough day. I know nothing about autism, so the video was very informative for me.
Hugs to you!

legendswife said...

Thanks for the hug:)Because of the economy, my husband has been able to be more at home, and I am glad because he has been able to observe the behavior/problems I've been having for awhile.

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