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Friday, March 19, 2010

 Chicken Spinach Pasta Alfredo

This is a favorite with my boys and is so easy to make. Go below to find a link to a money saving coupon.

Chicken Spinach Pasta Alfredo
serving:6                            Time:25minutes or less

1        box of bow tie noodles
1c      frozen spinach
2        boneless skinless chicken breast (cooked and chopped ahead of time-about 21/2c)
1        jar of Alfredo sauce. (I use Classico. If you like less sauce like me, use half the jar)
1/4c  Parmesan cheese 

Cook pasta and spinach as directed on package. Drain pasta. And mix it all together.  

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4 comments: on "Chicken Spinach Pasta Alfredo"

Wendy said...

Sounds really yummy! Three things I really like: pasta, chicken, spinach, and with alfredo sauce, how can you go wrong?

mother plus teacher said...

omgoodness! This looks delishious! I've never even thought to put spinach in chicken alfredo. lol
I will have to write this recipe down. I may put this on my menu plan for next week. Thanks!

legendswife said...

I just saw your menu...can I have a invite:)lol

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