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Saturday, March 20, 2010

 Get Jiggy With It.... St. Patrick's Day Activities

Monday I went grocery shopping and the bull (my oldest) was soooo happy to see that I was throwing in a box of Lucky Charms (he knows cereal purchases consist of either Rice Chex or CheeriosThis morning we used this Lucky Charms graph (thanks again Mrs. Kilburn!)
Then we read the book Patrick:Saint of Ireland and talked about missionary work.

After lunch we "tried" to do the Irish jig using the Folk Dance Fun CD

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2 comments: on "Get Jiggy With It.... St. Patrick's Day Activities"

mother plus teacher said...

That graph activity is so neat! We will start graphs next school year. I will have to keep this activity in mind, maybe I could even make it a "double math" activity by using coins. Hmm...oh all the ideas I'm thinking of...LOL

legendswife said...

It was a blast. Yes soooo many ideas, and only 24 hours in a day. But we do it! Right:)

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