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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

 Minnesota State Requirements

Theme For The Week: State Requirements

The state of Minnesota requires compulsory school attendance of children between the ages 6 and 17. Minnesota does not have any particular requirements as to days of study per school year, but they do recommend that homeschoolers cover the following subjects of study: reading, writing, literature, fine arts, math, science, history, geography, government, health, and physical education. It also does not have any mandated teacher requirements or standardized test requirements. According to Minnesota law, "Children not enrolled in an accredited program or public school 'must be assessed using a nationally norm-referenced standardized achievement examination'."
Minnesota's requirements for a home instructor include at least one of the following. Home instructors must either:
  • Hold a state approved teacher's license OR
  • Be directly supervised by a licensed teacher OR
  • Successfully complete a teacher competency exam OR
  • Provide instruction in an accredited school OR
  • Have a baccalaureate degree OR
  • Have their child annually assessed according to state guidelines
Homeschooling parents must also provide the name, date of birth, and address of each child home schooled to their local school superintendent annually. This report must also include an calendar of proposed instruction for each child.

My husband has a bachelors degree in English. We had are oldest tested last year and he did an excellent job (he read then at a second grade level).  For Minnesotans: Here is a great website called Time 4 Learning!

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8 comments: on "Minnesota State Requirements"

mother plus teacher said...

I find the instructor law pretty strict, so do you guys just do the testing or am I misunderstanding? I do that a lot. lol
Thank you for sharing today
(and for also stopping by and commenting on my post) :)

legendswife said...

we are having our kids tested. We had our son tested this past year, and will have to do it in a few weeks for this year.

Wendy said...

To answer about the instructor law, I think, if I'm understanding the question:) You can be "just a parent" with no other qualifications, in Minnesota, but then you have to send in quarterly report cards (these can be very basic). I don't think Minnesota is very strict, and have found it "easy" (no hassle) to Homeschool, so maybe in explaining it, it becomes complex-sounding? What do you think, legendswife?
Faith's Firm Foundation
P.S. I'm working on the RSS problem:)

Debbie said...

Thank you for sharing. This has been fun to see how the different states work with the homeschoolers.

legendswife said...

Yea MP...you can be just a mom wanting to homeschool. Thanks Wendy:)

Angela said...

It is so interesting seeing everyones rules for homeschooling. We are so blessed, we have hardly no requirements.


Angela said...

It is so interesting seeing everyones rules for homeschooling. We are so blessed, we have hardly no requirements.


legendswife said...

it is interesting:)

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