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Thursday, March 11, 2010

 Rain, Rain, Rain

This month we are learning about weather. It has been a dreary, rainy day. It's the kind of weather that can put a person in a SAD mood. (sigh)But at least the snow is melting:) The forecast for next week is predicting sunny days with highs of 30s to 40s. YAY! (I know.. I seem a little excited,but winter in Minnesota is ruff. Really). So homeschool today consisted of our opening exercises (song, Pledge of Allegiance,Prayer and bible study). Today I read II Samuel 23:4. Afterwords the boys made some umbrellas. 

Then they listened to this silly rain, rain song.

Then they had lunch...

Yes, I take pictures of everything. EVERYTHING!

And then the boys watched the story The Rainbabies. We own this book. It is a fascinating book about a childless couple who find a dozen of tiny babies in the grass, from the magic of a  moonshower. You can watch this video for free here (under folk tales, fairy tales...)You must have Real Player in order to watch it. And I know you guys are probably thinking "wow, her kids watch a lot on the computer." Well were the homeschool crew that doesn't own a TV. We haven't for many years and have vowed, when we do buy at TV, it will just be one. And computer usage is always under parental supervision:) Also Mrs. Kilburn's Kiddos has some great ideas too!

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2 comments: on "Rain, Rain, Rain"

mother plus teacher said...

So nice. I love the umbrellas and yum the lunch looks good!

legendswife said...

Thanks! No rain today:)

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