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Friday, April 2, 2010

 He Is Risen! Lesson Plan And Easter Giveaway *ended*

Easter is a holiday when most people think of the Easter bunny, decorating eggs, dressing up in your best Sunday outfit and going to church. Easter should be more than just another holiday to Christians. 

Easter celebrates the final triumph of Jesus Christ at the end of his earthly mission as He overcame both sin and death. It's hard, especially for children, to find a connection between the common Easter traditions and the Atonement of the Lord. We need to find ways to celebrate Easter that are meaningful and that help them grow in love and appreciation for the Savior.

Here are some ideas for celebrating Easter that you may want to make a tradition in your family. Before you give it, make sure you prepare spiritually so that your family will feel your appreciation for Jesus Christ and testimony of the Atonement. If you approach the Easter lesson with enthusiasm and thankfulness, your children too will learn to love this holiday for the right reasons.

Read and discuss the story of the first Easter from the scriptures. This is a long chapter, so if you have little ones you may want to break it up into different parts/days. Incorporating coloring sheets and crafts and movies for younger children is always a plus. Sing and listen to praise hymns. For the past few years my children have watched the movie He Is Risen by Nest Entertainment. The movie teaches children of the sacrifice, atonement, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. One blessed reader can win there own copy of He Is Risen

Clip of He Is Risen

Celebrate Easter together in a spirit of love for the Savior and the wonderful gifts He has given us. God Bless!

Here's How To Enter:*(required)

For 1 Entry:
  1. *Go to Nest Entertainments website. Come back and comment (on the entry form) on a product that caught your eye.
    For 1 Additional Entry:
    1. Come join me here at The Way We Home School or I Surrender.(Note to all my current readers: please fill submit your additional entry on a separate form)

    Official Rules& Blog Disclaimer
    Ah, don't we hate despise seeing the little fine print.LOL. Due to regulations, which are good, I am disclosing that I am not being paid by Nest Entertainment to have this giveaway. My only compensation is the blessed feeling that comes from being able to host such a wonderful giveaway. This contest is open to all readers 18 years of age and something-ish older.
    He Is Risen Contest begins April 2, 2010 6:46AM CST and ends April 20,2010. The winner will be chosen by Random.org. and will be notified via email. It will be announced here at The Way We Home School.

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    7 comments: on "He Is Risen! Lesson Plan And Easter Giveaway *ended*"

    joelle said...

    Great giveaway! Are you in Toronto?
    BTW thanks for reading my blog and sorry for not being a more faithful commenter. My reader is so full with unread post!

    legendswife said...

    I live in Minnesota

    Jennifer said...

    I like the animated stories of the Bible and the animated heroes DVD. My kids enjoy learning from DVDs and surprisingly retain quite a bit, so I'm always looking for DVDs that will teach them something new.

    The Worthy's said...

    I LOVE the Hero Figures they remind me of the Rescue heros that my sons love to play with so now they can use Church Heros in there play!!


    fredamans said...

    Happy Easter!!

    Thanks for stopping at my blog, and inviting me over. I now follow along.

    God bless.

    legendswife said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    legendswife said...

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
    God Bless

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