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Thursday, February 4, 2010

 Teaching Children About Money

Everyone needs to understand money: where it comes from, how to spend it wisely, and how to save and invest for the future. Too many parents don't take time to teach their children about the value of money, and unfortunately, many of those children grow up to be adults who struggle with money management skills.

This month we are learning  to master the skill of identifying coins and the one-dollar bill. This unit focuses on learning these concepts through hands-on games and activities that can be enjoyed at an independent level, along with additional methods to easily integrate further practice into the daily classroom routine. We are also including a lesson plan to teach our son the concept of earning and saving money.... Now if I can teach my children to steer away from the "action aisles" at store:)

Here is a free copy of the unit lesson plan (pdf format)
Show Me The Money: Mastering The Mystery of Coins
Here is a free copy of the lesson plan we are using for money management
The Berenstain Bears Trouble With Money  

A video of this story can be found in my Video Archive

Here is a few links to some free online games. Enjoy:)

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6 comments: on "Teaching Children About Money"

mother plus teacher said...

Neat, thanks! We wil lbe learning about the value of money next school year. Since I'm getting everything ready now, this will come in handy. Thank you again.

legendswife said...

Your welcome. I was visiting with a few ladies the other day and we were talking about how important it is to teach children the value of a dollar, so they can be self-reliant as adults. I learned only by the grace of God.

No Ordinary Me said...

I am so excited for the links. I was planning on doing something on this after Easter. Thanks for visiting my blog.

legendswife said...

your welcome. I am going to be posting some other links on money management next month...stay tuned:)

Nadia said...

We have been offering our children allowance but now help them divide that money into separate jars... like church or savings. It has really helped them to see their money as something to be handled and planned for instead of spent. Here's hoping that lesson will stick when they are grown. : )

legendswife said...

That's wonderful Nadia. Thanks for stopping by!
God Bless

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