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Saturday, April 10, 2010

 Target Haul This Week April 5-10 2010 Super Saturday Savings

This week has been a blast at Target. I got a few things as you can see here. Guess how much I paid? $1.38 + tax! Not bad! With a savings of $25.43

A few weeks ago Target had the Connect 4 and a few other games on sale for 7 bucks. When I got to the store the spot was clear. I found an associate and asked to receive a rain check. This week I went and found it.  Combining a coupon that I found here along with a Target coupon. (Both coupons are no longer available.)

Sign up at Proctor and Gamble and grab some great freebies and money saving coupons (that's where I got one of mine for the Tide)

Seventh Generation is on sale at Target right now for 2.99. I combined a coupon Target had online+ Seventh Generation Manufacturer coupon and paid .96 for bathroom cleaner. Grab a rebate form and make this a money maker!

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