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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

 Terrific Tuesday At The Minnesota Zoo

Today we took a field trip to the Minnesota Zoo and had a blast(even though its been a cold, drizzly day)! This month during home school I'm doing a lesson plan with toothpick around the book Good Night Gorilla.  Here is a link to the lesson plan I'll be using.


Jane Goodall will be joining us here in the twin cities on Monday April 19,2010. What a Marvelous Monday it will be! The bull is really excited to go and see her (as am I).  A few months ago we did a study called Observation With Jane Goodall. 
The bull loved learning of the life of Goodall while experiencing authentic life skills such as observation of wildlife.

Here are some pics that I took today.

 There's even  places to hide! Have a Terrific Tuesday:)
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4 comments: on "Terrific Tuesday At The Minnesota Zoo"

Wendy said...

Great photos!! That's not the easiest place to take pictures. Sounds like a fun day! I'm about an hour from the airport, so I would guess an hour and a half(?) from the MN Zoo. When we have gone to the zoo in recent years, we've gone to the Como Zoo, which is in St. Paul. It's free, and they have renovated it (there might be a donation, or slight cost now, I'm not sure); I've heard that it's wonderful. It also has a conservatory there. The MN Zoo's ride above the exhibits makes it special. If you ever get just a l-i-t-t-l-e bit further north, let me know!
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legendswife said...

Thanks. Summertime is usually when its swamped. The Como Zoo its so neat and I love the fact that it's free! We head up north about once every six months.

God Bless

MaryAnne said...

How fun! We went to a small local zoo on Friday, and my kids loved it!

legendswife said...

I'm so thankful that we live so close to the zoo. Growing up I lived in a small town and our only choices were the MN Zoo, which was a two hour drive or a Zoo in Nebraska, which was around three hours.

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