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Monday, April 19, 2010

 Wells Fargo Family Farm

Marvelous Monday for home school began at the Minnesota Zoo. Legend took the boys last week and I took them the week before (Hey! We hibernate from the bitter cold Minnesota brings. So now were enjoying it with early spring). A few months back I wanted to take the boys on a field trip to Gale Woods Farm to tie into our Ask Mr. Bear lesson plan, but it was still... bitterly cold. So today we went out to the farm at the Minnesota Zoo (and I am exxxausted!). Here are some pics I took. 

Here's Toothpick petting a baby rabbit.

Some baby chicks (New England's) that are four weeks old.

A few friendly kids.

Here's a cow that was born last year. 

Some cute ducklings!

Afterwords we walked and then came across....
And this...

And this.. The camel was looking up at????

We arrived a little after the first cow milking demonstration (11:00AM). By the time we toured half the farm and sat to each lunch the second one was beginning (1:00PM). We walked over only to find it swamped. It was too swamped for the bull so we lucked out. Next time we'll arrive earlier. Here are some more pics from the trip (some odds and ends). Enjoy!

What's this? A picnic backpack. I absolutely love it! I've had it for a about three years now. We take this just about wherever we go from April-October. 
Whats inside??
The backpack came with all of this stuff inside (plus cups, not in pic) and one large insulated compartment in the back. 

I love the look of farmhouses. The legend and I are breaking ground on our first home soon and the exterior and some of the interior has a modern farm look. (I'll post more on my personal blog later.)

Mammoth bones!

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