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Saturday, February 6, 2010

 All Fun and Games

My oldest enjoys Valentines Day, because he loves to make and give things to others. Last year we made heart shaped cookies and gave them to three families in our church. The bull (my son) made cards for a few friends and family. This year I thought I would spice it up a bit. I found these ideas online. Here is a free copy of a lesson plan I made. I would love to hear your ideas plan  for Valentine's Day. God Bless



Dynamic Duo 

Gotta have Food:
  • Heart shaped everything. toast, sandwiches, cookies. I think sunflower butter and strawberry jam sounds great. Sunflower butter? Yep, they make it and I love it. Both my son's have a severe peanut allergy:(
  • Smoothies. My boys love smoothies. I don't make them that often, and this is definitely a healthy choice.
  • Strawberries and yogurt
  • Valentines Kabobs ( Take some V-day fruits- blood oranges, red grapes, red and pink grapefruit, apple slices, and other red berries, some V-day veggies- red peppers, radishes, beets, and tomatoes and skewer them on kabobs with alternating cubes of white cheese, and you’ve got an easy snack that’ll satisfy there munchies without rotting your teeth.)

  • Stacking Hearts (using candy hearts. can also be used for counting)
  • Who Loves You Bingo (Can use dried cranberries to mark pictures, free bingo card) Have the children draw in the spaces. You will have to describe the person for your children. Remember to ask them who they are drawing:)
  • Find Your Heart (construction paper, heart cut-outs) Cut hearts in half/different angles or with decorative scissors. Tape half of the hearts around a room and place the other half hearts-that sounds silly;) in a box for the children to draw from)

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